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West Virginia

Working for America

State Workforce Development Board

Workforce West Virginia
Russell Fry, Acting Executive Director
112 California Avenue
Charleston, WV 25305
Phone: (304) 558-7024

Key Workforce Priorities

  1. Analysis of regional industry clusters with emphasis placed on occupational growth within the industry;
  2. Create opportunity for employers to present their ideas on strategies for growing the state’s economy and preparing the skilled workforce needed to meet occupational demand;
  3. Identify, assess, educate and train the available workforce.
  4. State implemented WorkKeys as the common assessment tool. WorkKeys is used to help individuals, educators and employers readily identify job skills and determine where additional training can help develop a high caliber workforce. WorkKeys also allows job candidates to provide employers with evidence of key employability skills that are crucial to effective and efficient job performance.
  5. One-Stop partners, both mandated and non-mandated, continue to take advantage of cross-training to address the barriers of the special population in the one-stops. Through an Inter-Agency Collaborative Team (ICT), task forces were established to focus on five (5) major areas. (Case Management, One-Stop delivery; Business Services; Information Technology; and Marketing). The primary focus of the task forces was to integrate service delivery through the One-Stop by utilizing the Supply and Demand theory.

Fast Facts

  • Over the next decade, many health-related industries are expected to grow, including ambulatory health care services, hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities, and health and personal care stores. Not surprisingly, registered nurses dominate openings in the health care industry, but other health sector occupations are expected to post significant growth also.
  • Projecting moderate to substantial growth will also be seen throughout leisure and hospitality and will include such industries as food services and drinking places, accommodation, and amusement, gambling, and recreation facilities.
  • Some manufacturing is expected to grow, including wood products and transportation equipment.
  • Highly technical occupations experiencing high demand include computer systems analysts, network systems and data communications analysts, and computer software engineers.
  • The coal miner sector continues to mien the same amount of coal or more than it did a decade ago, but with far fewer worker. The technological advance of this industry has produced sophisticated machinery that requires considerable knowledge and experience from its workers.
  • The population of West Virginia is predicted to remain relatively flat in the coming years and any expansions slightly. We are expecting a slight growth is expected annually between 2007-2013, when the civilian labor force is projected to stand at just below 824,00.

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