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State Workforce Investment Board

Texas Workforce Investment Council
Lee Rector, Director
1100 San Jacinto Blvd, Suite 100
Austin, TX 78701
Phone: 512-936-8100
Fax: 512-936-8118

Key Workforce Priorities

  1. To provide an attractive economic climate for current and emerging industries that fosters economic opportunity, job creation, capital investment, and infrastructure development by: • Promoting a favorable and fair system to fund necessary state services; • Addressing transportation and housing needs; and • Developing a well trained, educated, and productive workforce.
  2. To prepare individuals for a changing economy and workforce by: • Providing an affordable, accessible, and quality system of higher education; and • Furthering the development and application of knowledge through teaching, research and commercialization.
  3. To ensure that all students in the public education system acquire the knowledge and skills to be responsible and independent Texans by: • Ensuring students graduate from high school and are ready for college, a two-year institution, other post-secondary training, or the workforce; • Ensuring students learn reading, math, social studies and science skills at appropriate grade level through graduation; and • Demonstrating exemplary performance in foundation subjects.

Fast Facts

  • Job growth in Texas remains strong, with 238,700 new jobs added in the 12 months through May 2008. The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts predicts a healthy continued job growth between 2008 and 2012 of 7.4 percent – an annual increase averaging near 200,000 additional jobs each year – which projects more than 775,000 new jobs for Texans through 2012. During the same period, the state unemployment rate is predicted to remain at low levels with averages below 5.0 percent. The Texas unemployment rate for May 2008 stood at 4.5 percent, up slightly from 4.4 percent in May 2007. At 11.7 million workers, there are more Texans in the workforce than at any other time in the state’s history.
  • Texas is experiencing a fundamental shift in the industries driving its economy. Heavy manufacturing has been replaced by advanced technologies and related manufacturing. Aerospace and defense industries are growing. Other growth industry clusters include Biotechnology and Life Sciences, Information and Computer Technology, Energy, and Petroleum Refining and Chemical Production.
  • Texas is projected to have 25 million people by 2013, a 19 percent increase through the decade. New growth presents Texas with both the opportunities of having a younger, more diverse workforce, and the challenges created by weakening educational attainment trends across the population. The Texas population will age substantially over the next decade across all racial and ethnic groups. As the baby boom generation retires, companies are replacing tenured workers who possess valuable institutional knowledge with a younger, more diverse workforce with lower overall educational and credential attainment levels. The shortfall of skilled workers appears both in occupations that require four year degrees, such as engineers, and in career and technical occupations, such as building and manufacturing trades.
  • Economic globalization is defined generally as the process of creating unfettered worldwide consumer and producer markets open to trade. Economic globalization is changing corporate business practices and opening new labor supply options. For the workforce system, the effects of globalization and outsourcing will drive decisions on targeted occupations and the associated training commitments. Service occupations will continue to provide viable work opportunities for Texans, as will foreign-owned businesses locating in Texas.

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