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State Workforce Development Board

Oregon Workforce Investment Board
875 Union Street NE
Salem, OR 97311
Phone: 503-947-1361

Key Workforce Priorities

  1. Create a customer-centric workforce system that is easy to access, highly effective, and simple to understand.
  2. Provide business and industry customized workforce solutions to prepare and deliver qualified and viable candidates and advance current workers.
  3. Invest in Oregonians to build in-demand skills, match training and jobseekers to opportunities, and accelerate career momentum.

Fast Facts

  • Oregon has nine Local Workforce Areas to support locally-driven decisions and programs.
  • Oregon has an integrated one-stop service delivery built on a standardized model to provide a flexible, unified workforce education and training system that consistently exceeds customer expectations.
  • Both state and local workforce boards are committed to keeping Oregon business and industry competitive in the global economy.

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