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Oklahoma Workforce
Deidre Myers, Deputy Secretary of Commerce for Workforce Development
900 N. Stiles Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73104
Phone: (405) 815-5383

Key Workforce Priorities

  1. Alignment of education and training systems in order to be more responsive to employer needs - (related projects include career pathways; sector strategies; program alignment and service delivery design)
  2. Expanding the skill levels of Oklahoma’s Workforce - (This includes use of Career Readiness Certificates, certified Work ready communities and focus on increased certificates and credentials to ensure that Oklahoma has an appropriately skilled and credentialed workforce.
  3. Increasing graduation/ retention rates ( projects and emphasis here have included graduation coaches, mentoring, dual enrollment, and regional partnerships thru Certified Work Ready Communities)

Fast Facts

  • High Growth industries include Healthcare, Aerospace and Energy (includes green energy WIND, CNG, SOLAR, etc.)
  • 2/3 of Oklahoma's workforce in 2020 will be beyond K-12. Thus, the need to engage adults in lifelong learning, re-training and certificate/ credential completion will be critical to meet employer skill demand and to be competitive in the global economy.
  • Currently, 44% of Oklahoman's work in jobs that pay 30% or more less than average wage. Another statistic that proves increased training, education and credential completion is critical.
  • Currently, there are approximately 69,000 Oklahoman's with 69 credit hours. Oklahoma's Reach Higher program in the universities is reaching these individuals and is an example of a way to engage adults and to increase degree completion rates.
  • Oklahoma employers consistently rate Oklahoman's work ethic as very high. In addition, there is increasing quantitative data as well. Examples include the career Readiness Certificate program (based on Work Keys assessments) and the Certified Work Ready Program are also proving that Oklahoman's have the skills needed for employers to be successful. Oklahoma has issued over 40,000 CRC's. Work Keys has been approved as an alternative end of instruction test for high school graduation, and over 50% of the state has either been designated a certified work ready region or is in the process of obtaining that certification. This shows that great partnerships exist between public and private entities that will continue to move Oklahoma’s workforce to the next level.

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