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North Carolina

Working for America

State Workforce Development Board

North Carolina Commission on Workforce Development
Roger Shackleford, Executive Director, Workforce Development Division
NC Department of Commerce
313 Chapanoke Road, Suite 120
Raleigh, NC 27603
Phone: 919-329-5573
Fax: 919-329-5585

Key Workforce Priorities

  1. Effectively address the needs of jobseekers, workers and employers by providing oversight and advocacy for the efficient use of all available resources, including stimulus funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009.
  2. Strengthen and expand our knowledge base, using policy and research, to advance skill development and job creation for the long-term needs of the State while responding to the current economic crisis.
  3. Promote the services of the workforce delivery system to all citizens and stakeholders using a comprehensive communication plan.

Fast Facts

  • North Carolina has been, and continues to be, one of the nation’s fastest growing states. During the 1990’s, population increased by 21% adding 1.4 million new residents. Population grew again by 1.3 million between 2000 and 2009 bringing current population to 9.5 million.
  • NC’s metropolitan areas (Charlotte, Triangle and Triad) drive economic growth and have relatively diversified economies. Each has been impacted by the Great Recession but growth areas for NC include advanced (high tech) manufacturing, health care, aviation and aerospace, logistics and distribution, food manufacturing and energy.
  • NC has lost more manufacturing jobs than almost any other state, specifically in furniture, textiles and apparel manufacturing. Challenges for the workforce include transitioning workers to the growth occupations requiring different, higher-level skills.

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