Private Sector Support for WIA Reauthorization

Support Letter to Congress - July 2013

The efforts to re-authorize the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) have languished in Congress for years, but this Congress has moved closer to re-authorization than previous Congresses. The House has acted and now the active discussion is in the Senate. We want to make certain that the Senate hears from people who know better than anyone what is happening locally and the value of business-led workforce investment boards; that is us, the Chairs and WIB members from WIBs across the country. We are proud of our efforts to guide investments in workforce development that help build our communities through our work with business, job seekers, educators and all the community partners who are a part of what we do as WIBs. In the last program year over eight (8) million job seekers turned to local business-led WIBs to help them navigate a very dynamic labor market. Over 4.6 million of them entered or re-entered work as a result of the WIBs’ help. We think that is a good start on returning America to full employment. More needs to be done and we believe that re-authorization of WIA is essential to continuing the good work that WIBs are doing across the US.

We gladly accepted the request from NAWB to help author and sign this letter to the Senate leadership in support of WIA. We encourage you to join us with your signature. In addition, we urge you to connect with your state’s Senate members to make certain they know of your work and how important WIA re-authorization is. There is strong indication that the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, or HELP Committee as it’s often referred, will act soon, so we urge you to add your name now!

Doug Rowe
General Manager, Integrated Projects Group
SVP Project Management & Construction
Charlotte, NC
Chair, Charlotte Works

Thomas J. Begin
East Regional Manager, Public Affairs
Consumers Energy
Saginaw, MI
Chair, Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!

Laurie S. Moran
President, Danville/Pittsylvania Chamber of Commerce
Blairs, VA
Chair, National Association of Workforce Boards

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