Economic Development Professionals and Organizations Support for WIA Reauthorization

Letter to Congress Signees

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Angela Copeland - Manager, Workforce Partnerships

Abilene Industrial Foundation
Gary Robinett - Director of Marketing & Industrial Recruitment

Acadiana economic development council
Rebecca Shirley - Director

Access Technologies Group
Lucy Baney - CEO

Alaska Economic Development Commission
Jon Bittner - Director of Business and Economic Development

Alleghany County Economic Development Board
Clark Hunter - Economic Developer

Altoona/Blair County Dev. Corp.
Martin J. Marasco - President/CEO

Ann Arbor SPARK
Paul Krutko - President and CEO

Arizona Commerce Authority
Sheila Shedd - Director, Workforce Arizona Council

Arizona Public Service
Sally Odette - Sr. Consultant

Ashland Area Development Corp.
Elaine DeCastecker - Administrative Assistant

Ashland Area Development Corporation
Cliff Grand - Business Loan Specialist/Accountant

Athens Co. Economic Development Council
Sara Marrs - Director

Baltimore County, MD Dept of Economic Development
Dan Gundersen - Executive Director

Barton County Community Development Corp.
Robert Harrington - Director of Economic Development

Bayfield County Economic Development Corporation
Scottie Sandstrom - Executive Director

Bedford County
Traci Blido - Economic Development Director

Bedford County Office of Economic Development
Traci Blido - Director, Economic Development

Benton County
Nancy Hoffman - Economic Development Director

Blanchester as citizen activist
Richard Braley - citizen activist

Boulder Economic Council
Clif Harald - Executive Director

Breckenridge Economic Development Corporation
Virgil Moore - Executive Director

Bricker and Eckler LLP
Christiane Schmenk - Of Counsel

Broken Arrow Economic Development Corp.
Shelley Cadamy Munoz - Senior Vice President

Broomfield Economic Development Corporation
Stephanie Salazar - President & CEO

Brownwood Economic Development Corp
Emily Crawford - Executive Director

Broyland & Associates
Yolanda Brown - Minister of Economic Development

Buffalo Gap Economic Development
Carolyn Edmison - Economic Development Director

Business Development Board of Palm Beach County, I
Gary Hines - Senior Vice President, Administration

Business Development Corporation of Vernon
Sean Stockard - President/CEO

CA Association for Local Economic Development
Gurbax Sahota - Chief Operating Officer

CA Association for Local Economic Development
Wayne Schell - President & CEO

Calexico-Imperial County Enterprise Zone
Daniel Fitzgerald - Executive Director

Cameron Social Science, Inc.
Adleasia Cameron - Business Development Manager

CAN DO, Inc.
Kevin ODonnell - President

Cape Girardeau Chamber of Commerce
Tim Arbeiter - Vice President

Carney Associates LLC
Bill Carney - Principal

Carroll County Dept. of Economic Development
Denise Beaver - Deputy Director

Castroville Area Economic Development Council
Arnold Dollase - President, Board of Directors

CCC, a Texas Type B Economic Development Board
Doodie Taylor-Knox - Board Member

Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation
Allison Thompson - Director

Center for Training & Careers
Diane Olsen - Program Assistant

Centralina Economic Development Commission
Mike Manis - President

Chabin Concepts, Inc.
Audrey Taylor - President

Chabin Concepts, Inc.
Audrey Taylor - President & CEO

Chamber of Commerce Grand Haven Spring Lake Ferrys
David Miller - Vice President Economic Development

Chatham Economic Development Corporation
Dianne Reid - President

Christain County Public Schools
Kelly Gates - WIA Grant Coordinator

City of Corona
Daniel Rittatore - Economic Development Manager

City of Edinburg
Ramiro Garza - City Manager

City of Elk City
Jim Mason - Director of Economic and Community Development

City of Green Bay
Jami Harrington - Business Development Specialist


City of Hornell IDA
James Griffin - Exec Dir

City of Leominster
Lisa Vallee - Economic Development Coordinator

City of Lewisburg
Greg Lowe - Director of Economic Development

City of Parsons
Carolyn Kennett - Economic Development Director

City of Riverside
Larry Vaupel - Economic Development Manager

City of Roswell
Stefanie Dye - Community Development Program Coordinator

City of Roswell, Georgia
Stefanie Dye - Redevelopment Manager

City of Sacramento
Randi Knott - Intergovernmental Relations Officer

City of Salem
Tom Daniel - Economic Development Manager

City of St. Marys, Ohio
Susan Crotty, CEcD - Industrial and Community Development Manager

City of Sunnyvale
Connie Verceles - Economic Development Manager

City of Waukegan
Robert Sabonjian - Mayor

Clay County Chamber of Commerce
Danita Andrews - Vice President, Economic Development

Coconino County Government
Carlos ("Carl") E. Taylor, Jr. - Board Chairman, County Board of Supervisors

Columbia River Economic Development Council
Lisa Nisenfeld - President

Commerce Chenango, Inc.
Steven Craig - President & CEO

Community Fresh Star Family Unity program
Sandra Straight - Director

Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce
Terry Bailey - Director of Business Development

County of Humboldt
Jacqueline Debets - Economic Development Coordinator

County of San Bernardino
Mary Jane Olhasso - Economic Development Administrator

County of San Bernardino Department of Workforce Development
Sean Crees - Staff Analyst

County of San Bernardino Economic Development Agency
Marissa Rivera - Economic Development Manager

County of Santa Clara
Bruce Knopf - Director, Office of Asset and EconomIc Development

Covington-Tipton County Chamber
Lee Johnston - Executive Director

Craig Moffat Economic Development Partnership
Betsy Cook - Executive Director

Crockett County Chamber of Commerce
Diana Hart - Executive Director

Cross Plains Economic Development Corp.
Debbie Gosnell - EDC Director

Daggett County
Brian Raymond - Economic Development Director

Dakota Electric Association
Mark Lofthus - Economic Development Director

Delaware County Economic Development
Glenn Nealis - Director

Denison Development Alliance
Tony Kaai - President

Denver Office of Economic Development
Richard Marr - Business Development Associate

Department of Resources and Economic Development
George Bald - Commissioner

Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
Malinda Jensen - Director of Business Development

Development Corp. of Abilene, Inc.
Richard Burdine - CEO

Development Corporation of Snyder
Bill Lavers - Executive Director

Development Strategies
Robert Lewis - Principal

Dorchester County (SC) Economic Development
Jon Baggett - Director

Durham County Government
Marqueta Welton - Deputy County Manager

E.M. Pemrick and Company
Ellen Pemrick - Principal

Economic and Workforce Development Strategies, LLC
Bruce Vermeulen - President

Economic Development Corp
Nancy Martin - President & CEO

Economic Development Corporation of Sarasota Count
Joan McGill - VP Business Development

Economic Development of Ballinger
Mark Willingham - President

Economic Development Partnership of Hillsdale County
Susan Smith - Exective Director

EDC of Decatur & Macon County
Patrick Hoban - Vice President

EDC Shasta County
Mark Lascelles - President

EDC Warren County
John Wheatley - Vice President

EDC Warren County
John Wheatley - Vice President

EntreWorks Consulting
Erik Pages - President

EntreWorks Consulting
Erik Pages - President

Fay-Penn Economic Development Council
Michael Krajovic - President and CEO

Fayette County Economic Development
William Ziegler - Executive Director

Financial Voyages LLC
Pamela Robinson - CEO

Financial Voyages LLC
Pamela Robinson - CEO

Garraty Workforce Investment
Robert Garraty - President

Global Innovation Partners
Gene DePrez - Managing Partner

Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce
Diane Schwenke - CEO

Greater New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Michael Meek - President

Greater Owensboro Economic Development corp.
Nicholas Brake - President/CEO

Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce
Janet Raymond - Senior Vice President

Greater Richmond Partnership
Sara Dunnigan - VP Existing Business Services/Talent Development

Greater Richmond Partnership
Bethany Miller - Vice President of Business Development

Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce
Randy Welker - Economic Development Coordinator

Greater Tulsa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Francisco Trevino - President & CEO

Greater Yuma Economic Development
Gregory LaVann - Sr. Project Manager

Green Mountain Economic Development Corp
Joan Goldstein - Executive Director

Greene County Partnership
Tom Ferguson - President

Greensboro Economic Development Alliance
Robin Rhyne - V.P. Existing Industry Services

Susan Lance - Case Manager for Title 1

Hamden Economic Development Corporation
Richard Pearce - Community Liaison

Harrison County Economic Development Corp.
Darrell Voelker - Director

Herron Consulting Ltd
Joan Herron - President

High Road Strategies LLC
Joel Yudken - Principal

High Road Strategies LLC
Joel Yudken - Principal

Higher Education Solutions, LLC
Gene Vincenti - President

Higher Education Solutions, LLC
Gene Vincenti - President

Hopkinsville-Christian County Economic Development
Mitch Robinson, CEcD - Executive Director

Huron Cuonty Development Council
Carol Knapp - Executive Director

Inland Empire Small Business Development Center
Jennifer Dreher - Training Manager

Inland Empire Small Business Development Center
Vincent McCoy - Executive Director

Inland Empire Small Business Development Center
Louisa Miller - Business Consultant

Integrated Economic Solutions LLC
Thomas Smyth - Principal

International Economic Development Council
Jeffrey Finkle - President and CEO

Iowa Western Community College
Mark Stanley - Executive Director, Economic Development

Island County Economic Development Council
Ron Nelson - Executive Director

Ivy Tech Community College-Bloomington
Dennis Maloy - Executive Director

Jefferson County Economic Development Corporation
Leigh Seeger - Economic Development Manager

Jeffersontown Economic Development Authority
Mike Kmetz - Director

Joplinn Area Chamber of Commerce
Gary Box - Business Retention and Expansion Coordinator

Susan McLaren - Administrative

Kingsville Economic Development Council
Dick Messbarger - Executive Director

Klickitat County
Denny Newell - Economic Development Specialist

La Junta (Colorado) Economic Development
Ron Davis - Director

Lake County Small Business Assistance Corporation
Robert Dawson - Board of Directors

Laredo Community College
Janet Miller - Economic Development Center Director

Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation
Jean Mateff - Vice President of Administration & Investor Relati

Lenawee Economic Development Corp
Timothy Robinson - Operations Director

Lincoln Economic Development Association
Charles Adams - Research Associate

Lincoln Economic Development Association
Cliff Brumfield - Executive Director

Linda Foster
Linda Foster - Billing Specialist

Linda Foster
Linda Foster - Billing Specialist

Logan Economic Alliance for Development
Thomas Harned - Executive Director

Macon Economic Development Commission
Terry Schwindler - Manager of Business & Industry

Madisonville-Hopkins County EDC
Bob Simmons - Treasurer

Manatee Economic Development Corporation
Sharon Hillstrom - President & CEO

Manheim Solutions, Inc.
Chris Manheim - President

Mansfield Texas Economic Development Corporation
Pat Jamison - Manager Business Retention Expansion

Marshall County Economic Development Corporation
Jay Bahr - Executive Director

Maryland Clean Energy Center
I. Katherine Magruder - Executive Director

McMinnville Economic Development Partnership
Jody Christensen - Executive Director

McPherson Industrial Development Co.
Marvin Peters - Executive Director

Michigan City Economic Development Corp
Kevin Kieft - Executive Director

Mineral County Economic Development Authority
Shelley Hartmann - Executive Director

Monroe County Economic Development Center
Patricia Richardson - Coordinator

Montcalm Alliance
Franz Mogdis - Executive Director

Morgan County Economic Development Assn
Jeremy Nails - President & CEO

Ms Public Service Commission
Leonard Bentz - Commissioner

Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress
Kenneth Robinson - President and CEO

N & N Associates
Milton Nunez-Garces - Econ. Development Sr. Consultant

Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
Ralph Schulz - President and CEO

Annette Campbell - Employability Counselor

Cheryl DePanfilis - Human Resource Coordinator

Linda Franco - Counselor

Neosho Area Chamber of commerce
Gilbert Garrow - Director economic development Neosho Chamber

Nogales Community Development
Nils Urman - Business Relations

North Little Rock Economic Development Corp
Todd Larson - Executive director

North Louisiana Economic Partnership
Christine Rambo - Vice President, Comunications

North Louisiana Economic Partnership
Angie White - Vice President, Workforce Marketing

Northeast PA Manufacturers & Employers Association
Darlene J. Robbins - President

Northwest Colorado Council of Governments
June Walters - Director

Northwest Economic Council
Peggy Zoro - Director

Obion County Joint Economic Development
Lindsay Frilling - Economic Development Director

Obion County Joint Economic Development Council
Lindsay Frilling - Economic Development Director

Ontario County
Michael Manikowski - Economic Development Director

Otsego County
Carolyn Lewis - Economic Developer

Ottawa County Economic Development Office
Ken Rizzio - Executive Director

Piedmont Triad Regional Council
Lisa Hawk - Business Services Coordinator

Pocono Mountains Economic Development Corp.
Michelle Bisbing - Director of Marketing

Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation
Floyd Batiste - CEO

Port Arthur Economic Development Corporation
Floyd Batiste - CEO

Pottawatomie County Economic Development Corporati
Robert Cole - Director

Prince Edward Development, LLC
Robert Fower - Manager

Prince William County Dept of Economic Development
George Harben - Director, Existing Business

Alvenas Bell - Senior CSR

Quad Cities First
Bill Martin - President

R&M Resource Development LLC
Susan Blansett - Principal

Rapid City EDP
Benjamin Snow - President

Redevelopment Resources
Kristen Fish - Managing Partner

Regional Economic Development, Inc.
Mike Brooks - President

Richardson Economic Development Partnership
Bill Sproull - President & CEO

RKG Associates, Inc.
Russell Archambault - Vice President and Principal

Saginaw Future Inc
JoAnn Crary - President

Saginaw Future Inc.
JoAnn Crary - President

Saint Louis County Economic Council
Edward Bryant - VP, Economic Development Collaborative

San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporatio
Jared Aaker - Manager of Economic Development

San Joaquin Partnership
Michael Ammann - President/CEO

Schuylkill Economic Development Corporation
Frank Zukas - President

Shelby County DevelopSource
MJ Broomfield - Director

Shoals Chamber of Commerce
Steve Holt - President

Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation
Mignonne Hollis - Executive Director

Sierra Workforce Development. Connections
Lee Ann Sorensen - disabled adult student

South Delta Planning and Development District
Mitzi Woods - WIA Director

Southeast Texas Economic Development Foundation
James Rich - Executive Director

Southern Colorado Business Partnership
Randy Scott - President

SouthwestW Colorado Access Network
Ed Morlan - Director, Region 9 EDD

St. Louis County Economic Council
Edward Bryant - VP, Economic Development Collaborative

State of CT - DECD
Lynda L. Costen - Economic And Community Development Specialist

Steuben County Industrial Development Agency
James Johnson - Executive Director

Steve's Junk
Steven Falconer - Owner & Operator

Sustainable Economic Development Initiative
Carol Bousquet - Executive Director

Sweetwater Enterprise for Economic Development
Ken Becker - Executive Director

Allison Larsen - Principal

Taylor Economic Development Corporation
Jason Ford - President/CEO

Michael Stamm - President

Team Volusia Economic Development Corporation
Kerry Symolon - Interim President

Telamon Corporation
Elizabeth Coxson - Workforce Development Specialist 1

Texas Midwest Community Network
Nicki Harle - Executive Director

The Genesee Regional Chamber of Commerce
Tim Herman - CEO

Thornton Development Authority
Christina Vincent - Economic Development Administrator

TIP Strategies
Tom Stellman - President/CEO

Town of Bolton
Donald Lowe - Town Administrator

Town of Oakland
John Cox - Human Resource Manager / Community Relations / Eco

Town of Stonington
Edward Haberek - Dr.

Tri County Council For Southern Maryland
Barbara DeHenzel - Business Service Representative

Wes Balakian - CEO

Tulare County Economic Development Corporation
Paul Saldana - President & CEO

Tulare County Economic Development Corporation
Paul Saldana - President & CEO

Tulsa Metro Chamber
Michael Neal - President & CEO

Tulsa Regional Chamber
Michael S. Neal, CCE, CCD - President and CEO

TWsquared, LLC
Ray Gilley - Executive Council Director

Tye Economic Development Corporation
Connie Selden - Chief Executive Officer

Jacki Anderson - Senior Planner Community & Economic Development

Union County Development Association
Wayne Pantini - Executive Director

Union County Development Association
Wayne Pantini - Executive Director

University of Alaska Center for Economic Developme
Christi Bell - Executive Director

Upper Minnesota Valley Regional Development Commis
Dawn Hegland - Executive Director

Ventura County Economic Development Association
Bill Buratto - President/CEO

WA State Senate
Maralyn Chase - Senator

Wadley-Donovan GrowthTech, LLC
William Fredrick - President

Carman Hensley - Operations Manager

Wahlstrom & Associates
Stephen Wahlstrom - Principal

White Oak Economic Development Corporation
Debbie Sadler - Executive Director

Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Tim Chase - President/CEO

Wilson County, TN Economic Development Board
G C Hixson - Executive Director

Workforce Essentials, Inc.
Sharyn Hancock - Disability Resource Coordinator

Wyoming Business Council
David Simonsen - Program Manager

Wyoming County (NY) Industrial Development
Michael Heftka - Executive Director

Wyoming County Business Center
James Pierce - President

Yakima County Development Association
David McFadden - President

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