Oregon Workforce Partnership

Better Skills – Better Jobs

The OWP is a non-partisan, private/public, statewide association committed to building a more highly skilled workforce to support and expand Oregon’s economy. Through OWP, Oregon’s seven Local Workforce Investment Boards, driven by the leadership of 120 local businesses, invest their resources to better align economic, education and training systems for job creation and greater prosperity.

Administrative staffing and support for Oregon Workforce Partnership is provided through the services of Western Advocates, Inc., a government relations and association management firm based out of Portland, Oregon. Western Advocates is one of Oregon’s oldest association management and government relations firms and works with a variety of clients from both the public and private sector on a variety of needs and issues including; government relations and consulting, association management, marketing and public relations.

For more information, go to http://oregonwfpartnership.org/.

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Oregon Workforce Partnership