Just Add One: Stanislaus County

Short Campaign - Big Results

In 2012, Stanislaus County, California was plagued by unemployment rates as high as 16.4 percent with more than 38,200 jobless workers in the county. The Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance created a six-month campaign among its partners with two goals in mind—create 1,000 new jobs, and re-energize the business community.

A concerted effort was undertaken to educate more than 200 businesses about the available resources and tools to support the hiring process among the Alliance’s partners. Campaign partners worked to screen prospective applicants and narrow the field to the most qualified, as well as offered wage reimbursement incentives to train employees.

The model used the following criteria to count “new jobs”. The position:

  • did not exist, or had not been filled in the past 12 months;
  • was permanent employment; and
  • averaged at least 30 hours per week.

Participating employers who hired were eligible to receive a variety of incentives including training reimbursements and tax credits through the Alliance programs. The Alliance team developed a strategy to help employers find the right people to fill the job. It was the creative partnership between the Alliance and the business community that placed 1,306 people in new positions, and added 1,306 new paychecks to the local economy. Nearly 200 businesses took the initiative and hired at least one new employee. The participating companies were recognized throughout various media channels in order to make their efforts the main focus of the campaign. Their stories helped to entice other businesses to take the initiative and hire.

CEO William Bassitt, of the Alliance says, “Our StanTogether program exceeded our expectations in every possible way. Our strong sense of community was an excellent example of economic and workforce development coming together to take care of business. It is the magic of our unique organizational structure that made the campaign a success.”

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