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Meet the Pioneers

There are various models of the Just Add One (JAO) initiative that have taken place and/or are currently underway across the country. Hats off to the pioneer organizations that serve as our inaugural JAO partners.

Stanislaus County, California created a six-month campaign among the partners that comprised its alliance called Worknet’s StanTogether with a goal to add 1,000 jobs in the local economy. A concerted effort was undertaken to educate more than 200 businesses about the available resources and tools to support the hiring process among the alliance’s partners. The area had been plagued by high unemployment rates as high as 16.4 percent with more than 38,200 jobless workers in the county. Partners of the alliance worked to screen prospective applicants and narrow the field to the most qualified, as well as offered wage reimbursement incentives to train employees which resulted in hiring more than 1,300 new employees.

Jefferson County, Colorado and its workforce and economic development partners are creating an ongoing Add One initiative that builds a systematic approach with all community partners with local toolkits and incentives to help small businesses hire. There are more than 20,000 businesses in Jefferson County that have pledged approximately 800 new hires to date.

Whether a short-term campaign or a long-term initiative, when you join as a Just Add One member, you adopt a process for your community that aligns business and industry, workforce investment boards, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, community colleges and community-based organizations to create unique strategies to help local small businesses succeed.

Learn from the Pioneers:

Stanislaus County, California Model – Short-term Campaign to help businesses
“just add one”

Jefferson County, Colorado Model – Ongoing Initiative to help businesses
“just add one”

Have you developed similar campaigns in your community? We want to know about them and partner with you. Contact us and let us know what you’ve accomplished.

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