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Workforce Investment Boards Participation

The NAWB acquired feedback from its network of Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) about the likelihood of adopting and developing a local JAO initiative. One hundred percent of WIB executive directors surveyed believed that JAO would be a great tool to provide more comprehensive and recognized services to small business in their respective communities. Comments included:

  • JAO coordinates many of the tasks that are accomplished at the local level into one package that businesses can understand.
  • JAO creates a collective, consultative business outreach process to determine business needs and then tailor services to meet those needs.
  • JAO can be used to expand beyond local services that have high value add for businesses including connection to drug testing for job applicants, assistance in writing personnel/HR manuals, crafting job descriptions, connecting small businesses in the same sector to local second and third tier suppliers (keeping it local, adding jobs).
  • JAO would be a catalysts to align more closely with community colleges, organizations funded through the Small Business Administration, and local economic developers for additional resources.
  • The JAO scorecard can be used to document the concerted effort that business services provide to the community.
  • The JAO demonstrates the collective impact around unemployment and job creation.

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