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Governors Participation

Governors have the arduous task of convening key stakeholder groups to leverage resources and funding that contribute to improving a State’s economy.  State workforce investment boards and governors’ councils pertaining to workforce, education and economic development can play a key role as part of the JAO initiative.

Recommended JAO Partnership Contributions:

  • Take the lead in organizing statewide efforts with local stakeholders to develop JAO local initiatives
  • Adopt the JAO brand at the state level to house local scorecard data and success stories
  • Secure partnerships and sponsorships with businesses to fund local efforts
  • Utilize business members from governors’ councils as spokespersons for the campaign (video, news media interviews, press releases, blogs and social media posts)
  • Highlight a participating JAO business in newsletters and website
  • Create a section of newsletters and websites about JAO updates and business tools
  • Use the JAO partners as the field team that contributes to large scale goals pertaining to jobs and the economy
  • Use the JAO partners as a method to engage businesses in any workforce and education objectives

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