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Business & Industry Associations Participation

Business and industry associations play a vital partnership role in a JAO initiative. As the hub for business networking, resources, referrals and information, industry associations and chambers of commerce serve as an important outreach arm to inform community businesses about the local JAO initiative and the collective tools available to support business growth.

Many associations are focusing specific efforts on workforce and education through specialized committees. The JAO initiative aligns with the work of these committees and can serve as the collaborative medium to engage businesses.

Recommended JAO Partnership Contributions:

  • Cross referral links to the local JAO website
  • Additional services for members
  • Create informational packages to members
  • Highlight a participating JAO business in newsletters and website
  • Create a section of newsletters and websites about JAO updates and business tools
  • Have participating JAO members speak at association events
  • Use the JAO partners as a distribution network for association and membership information
  • Use the JAO partners as a method to engage businesses in any workforce and education objectives

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