Scorecard Data Collection

Metrics Behind Just Add One

What exactly is a “job” in America in 2013? Every market has unique factors and needs. Jobs in demand are ultimately determined by the businesses that comprise a region. Some markets are highly seasonal, while others depend on full-time or contracted workers. Some need full time employees, while others need contract workers. Whatever the scenario, when businesses succeed and grow, so does their need to add workers, and grow the economy.

The JAO scorecard will include:

  • Number of Participating Businesses
  • Number of Jobs Added
    • Full-time - workers at 30 or more hours/week
    • Part-time - workers at 29 hours or less
    • Seasonal - hired to work on a part-time basis by companies that need extra help during a particular season (e.g. holidays, ski season)
    • Contract Worker - not an employee of a company, but a self-employed person who operates a business usually as a sole proprietor, that is hired for a specific task or project, sets his/her own rates and pays his/her own income taxes

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