The Power of One in Three

Association of Enterprise Opportunity

AEO is a national nonprofit and business trade association that represents the U.S. microbusiness industry. AEO and its more than 400-member organizations have helped millions of entrepreneurs contribute to economic growth while supporting themselves, their families and their communities.

As the voice of microbusiness, AEO and its extensive member and partner network provide coaching, capital and other resources to low-wealth and underserved entrepreneurs — who make up Main Street USA — in communities across the United States.

In the interest of microbusiness owners, the smallest of small businesses, AEO works to identify and replicate sustainable models to deliver capital and services to underserved entrepreneurs so that they can grow and hire, and unleash the power of Main Street.

AEO is also committed to researching and organizing data that support policies that protect Main Street USA, and provide a channel for equitable and accessible resources to flow there.

In 2011, AEO released new research that showed if one in three Main Street microbusinesses hired one additional employee the country would reach full employment. That report described the twin barriers of access and availability faced by entrepreneurs, and presented a path forward to unlocking the power of microbusinesses for growth and job creation.

On the heels of the report, AEO launched the One in Three Campaign and Initiative.  The goals of the One in Three initiative are to reach one million entrepreneurs with new capital and services, and create 500,000 jobs — within the next three to five years.

The Campaign is a national public-education effort to expand the lens with which the nation views microbusinesses for job creation and value to our country’s economy. As AEO expands its footprint with the “power of one in three” message, the hope is to raise awareness of the power of microbusiness as a vital agent for job creation, community stability and growth.

Individuals can support One in Three in three ways: 1) joining the Alliance, 2) taking the One in Three pledge, and becoming a microbusiness champion. A microbusiness champion spreads the word about the Campaign, shops Main Street USA, supports advocacy efforts to protect Main Street, or all of these!

Main Street microbusinesses add immeasurable value to their local communities by stimulating their local economies and creating jobs — it is critical to equip them for success so that they can grow and hire. AEO’s One in Three campaign is a vehicle to meet that goal.

Join the One in Three push now. Together we can unleash the power of Main Street USA!

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