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The Challenge: America's Employment Challenge

America’s economic recovery is dependent on solving the impending jobs gap; the Hamilton Project began an analysis of the jobs gap in May 2010, and noted at that point in time that it would take a robust rate of adding 125,000 jobs per month to account for new entrants to the labor force. The latest projections required to close the jobs gap is a job creation rate of 208,000 per month — a rate that hasn’t occurred since the year 2000.

Adding to these challenges is the pessimism of small business owners. As reported in the latest Wells Fargo/Gallup Small Business Index, one in five small business owners (21%) expects to decrease the number of jobs at their company over the next 12 months – the largest percentage of small businesses expecting to reduce jobs since the inception of the Index in 2003. One in four owners (26%) report a reduction in the number of jobs at their company over the past 12 months. This represents the largest percentage since the fourth quarter of 2010.

It’s time for new strategies to help businesses start to hire and to get America working.

The Solution: Helping Businesses Add Workers

Small business owners understand that there is a point of diminished returns where lost productivity due to a lack of labor negatively affects their profit margin. But, do small businesses really understand the sweet spot for hiring an additional worker and/or the public resources that are available to support that hiring process? To return America to economic prosperity, it’s going to take a substantial collaborative effort to support small businesses in overcoming challenges in business expansion. This is where Just Add One (JAO) can support small businesses in moving into expansion mode.

JAO is an initiative coordinated by the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) that builds a collaborative “franchise-type” network of community members across the country that work collectively within their respective labor markets to provide small businesses with tools, strategies and solutions to help them “add just one” worker—whether that’s a full-time employee with benefits, a part-time, seasonal or contract worker, or an entrepreneur starting a new business. All of these contribute to getting America working again.

The Benefits: America at Work

The ripple effect of each small business adding just one worker supports America’s need for job creation, building sustainable wages for American families, and reducing unemployment rates, while providing a mechanism to align businesses, industry associations, workforce investment boards, chambers of commerce, economic development organizations, community colleges and community-based organizations to create unique strategies to help local small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed.

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