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Kinexus Introduces the Link

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Community Challenge/Problem

An employer resource network is a self-sufficient, employer governed entity that understands that employee turnover, disengagement, and an inadequate candidate pool is very expensive for employers. The ERN functions in a comprehensive and collaborative model, creating a holistic environment where business flourish and their employees, their families, and residents can thrive. One employer who benefited from the ERN is Lyons Industries, Inc. Lyons was having trouble retaining their employees. They employ 170 people and have hired 300 people per year, every year since 2012. That type of turnover is financially and emotionally destructive to a small company like Lyons.

Board Solution/Innovation

Since its launch in September, the Link, an employer resource network, has provided resources for employers across Berrien, Cass, and Van Buren Counties to retain their employees. Out of 60 employees served, 53 have been retained with the help of the Link. In addition, the Link has given employers a 520% return on their investment. The Link assists employees in finding transportation, housing, childcare and health services that a traditional human resource department can’t provide.

Outcomes & Results

Kinexus introduced Lyons Industries to the Link, an employer resource network. Lyons is on pace to hire 50-60 people this year. The Link has also reduced their turnover to a manageable 6%. Lance Lyons, President of Lyons Industries, Inc., said, "The Link has exceeded all our expectations at Lyons Industries, Inc. and helped stabilize our workforce for the first time in years."

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