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Arapahoe/Douglas Works!

A/D Works! Demonstrates Economic Impact

Community Challenge/Problem

Each year tens of thousands of people look for new employment in the Denver area. Some job seekers need a new job after being laid-off. Other job seekers hope to increase their earnings and move along a new career path with additional education or training. At the same time, local businesses are looking for the right talent to fill their open positions.

Board Solution/Innovation

Arapahoe/Douglas Works! funds programs to help job seekers find employment and increase their earnings. Some of the services include employment workshops, career counseling, networking and hiring events, career and personality assessments, intensive job-search support, special programs for youth, young adults and adult and job seekers 50 and older, certifications, GED preparation and training.

“Arapahoe/Douglas Works! helps job seekers find a job with a career path and livable wage,” said Arapahoe County Commissioner Nancy Jackson, who also serves on the Workforce Development Board. “Workforce center assistance better prepares and markets individuals through no-cost tools, job counseling, events and training opportunities. A/D Works! also adds to the economic sustainability of our region by responding to the critical talent needs of our local businesses and key Industries.”

Outcomes & Results

The publicly-funded workforce center helped 23,717 people find employment during its program year, July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2016. Of those, 22,458 were still working six months later. They earned an average of $52,667 per year with higher retention and salaries than the previous year. In contrast, state labor statistics show citizens who did not use a workforce center in their job search earned an average of $36,858 per year, a difference of $15,809.

The 22,458 newly employed customers earned a combined $355 million more per year than noncustomers, funds that are reinvested in the local economy in the form of increased spending on goods and services. For every $1 spent by the workforce center on its programs and operations, $30.84 was returned to the economy through these increased earnings, paying the taxpayers back in just over four months.

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