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Adams County Workforce & Business Center

Multiple Employer Job Fairs

Community Challenge/Problem

The Adams County Workforce & Business Center Business Services Team was being inundated with requests for hiring events and employers in desperate need of finding talent. Traditionally job fairs were scheduled and held for individual employers at various times during the week, but only for one employer at a time. Information and marketing would be sent out to job seekers for the single employer events, with disappointing results. A handful of candidates would attend each of these events, not fulfilling the employers need for talent. A change in how these events were structured and run was desperately needed.

Board Solution/Innovation

Business Service Representatives from Adams began researching other methods and obtained feedback from other entities that had changed their job fair format. It was determined that two multiple employer job fairs would occur each month, one at each of the office locations within the county. All employers would be welcome from all industries. These events would be scheduled at a time when other orientations and/or workshops were occurring at the workforce center. In particular, they would be timed in accordance with the Employment First (EF) orientations. The EF team eagerly agreed to have their participants go through the job fair as part of the orientation for that day. This helped meet the goals of EF, Business Services, and employers.

Outcomes & Results

This new format for hosting job fairs has been very successful. The average number of attendees jumped from 5 to 100+! Hosting the event at the same time as other workforce center workshops and orientations has also contributed to the increased traffic through the job fair and in turn has increased the number of hires from those events. Two participants from the Employment First program who went through one of these job fairs, not only found employment, but were hired by the companies as recruiters themselves. They now attend these monthly job fairs on behalf of the companies that hired them and work hard to hire others. These job fairs have been so successful, that the model created by Adams County has been replicated by other regions.

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