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Employment Services of Weld County

Harvest for Crabtree Brewing

Community Challenge/Problem

Crabtree Brewing Company, a local small business, partnered with the City of Greeley and Plumb Farm (another small business) to plant and cultivate a large garden of pumpkins and cucumbers to be used by Crabtree Brewing in the fall for special products. Due to the size of the garden, the three partners decided that it needed to be maintained by an outside source.

Board Solution/Innovation

The Weld County Youth Conservation Corps' TIGHT Corps was dispatched to help till, weed, irrigate and ultimately maintain the large garden for the duration of the summer season. Youth members were in charge of keeping the areas weeded and properly watered and were educated by farm staff throughout the process.

Outcomes & Results

By the end of the summer, Crabtree Brewery harvested over 600 pounds of cucumbers and just over 1000 pounds of pumpkins for their project. The City of Greeley and TIGHT then harvested another 1800 pounds of cucumbers which were donated to the Weld County Food Bank.

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