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Colorado Dept of Labor and Employment Eastern Workforce

Rural Partner Cooperation

Community Challenge/Problem

The Eastern Workforce region is a large geographical region of approximately 17,000 square miles. The Workforce centers provide service to this area via six offices. With limited staff and resources, the region realized that in order to provide quality service to all those in need of our services was going to be difficult.

Board Solution/Innovation

The Eastern Workforce area answered this challenge by building strong partnerships with the many providers in the region. They engaged school districts, local libraries, Human Services, mental health, economic development, chambers of commerce, community colleges, city administrators, Rural Solutions and many other agencies and partners. The regional Director as well as staff made strong efforts to develop and maintain these relationships.

Outcomes & Results

The outcome of this process has been that the Workforce Centers have been able to provide a higher quality of service to all of our customers. It has also allowed the workforce centers to serve many of the customers that we would not normally be able to serve. This has been a win-win service for us and our partners and we have been able to develop strong relationships with partners and assist them as well in providing their services as well. In rural communities like ours these partnerships are critical to all partners as it allows each to provide a higher quality of service. The other positive of this cooperation is that it assists all partners in obtaining grant funding for programs as well as creating a synergy between all agencies.

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