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Employment Services of Weld County

Anti-Discrimination in Employment Workshop

Community Challenge/Problem

Employers need to be educated on the basics of Colorado employment discrimination law, including an overview of the protected classes, discriminatory harassment and discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace, the rights and responsibilities of employers and employees, as well as recent changes in Colorado legislation which expand the remedies allowed to the successful anti-discrimination in employment litigant.

Board Solution/Innovation

Employment Services of Weld County scheduled the Colorado Civil Rights Division to host a training opportunity regarding Anti-Discrimination in Employment using the workforce center's meeting space.

Outcomes & Results

The Colorado Civil Rights Division has praised Employment Services of Weld County for publicizing the seminar and providing space and equipment for the class. One group that attended was interested in the material because it affected their positions as human resources managers with their companies. The discussion was found to be beneficial to all who were present and the information regarding the new Colorado law (HB-1136) was very much appreciated.

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