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Denver Office of Economic Development

Making Cool Things in Denver

Community Challenge/Problem

The Denver Advanced Manufacturing Advisory Council’s rebranding group was established in April 2013 by Denver Workforce and OED to develop an outreach plan for manufacturing industry education. The idea of “rebranding” was soon replaced with the realization that awareness of manufacturing was so low to begin with, the challenge was not replacing a concept but literally introducing one. Given the success of our Advanced Manufacturing Youth Academy and the survey at the DPS 8th Grade Career Fair, the group focused their outreach messaging around the concept of “cool things we make in Denver.” The group discussed various media and channels to create a message for our target audience of local youth, educators, and parents.

Board Solution/Innovation

The Council created a short digital video for our target audience. The project included our Youth Academy students and AMAC members to coordinate our product and message. The project timeline was two months and a budget of $1,000. We coordinated with a local film vendor, staff subject matter experts, AMAC industry members, and the OED youth contractor that developed our Advanced Manufacturing Academy. Three academy graduates were approached to participate as our interviewers, and the majority of the shooting was done onsite at area manufacturers; six industry businesses participated and interviews of senior management were scheduled along with location tours.

Outcomes & Results

The seven-minute video was launched in February 2014 at our first-ever Manufacturing Expo, which included 20 industry employers participating and more than 100 attendees. Denver Public Schools has shared the video with many student groups. It has also been posted by many industry partners such as Company Week e-newsletter, Colorado Biz Magazine newsletter, National Governor’s Board, Redstone College, and on Facebook. Check out the video here:

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