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After job loss and homelessness, job center assistance and WIA training funds help Sharlyn retrain into the healthcare field.
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Meet Jayne
Regular visits to the workforce office pay off when Jayne is referred and hired into an open position with a local employer.
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Meet Linda
Financial struggles and personal setbacks do not stop Linda from achieving her goal of becoming a nurse.
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Single mom uses DOL Career Center to find a job with a grocery distribution facility.
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Meet Robert
Dislocated Veteran works with Veterans Administration to find new job and leverage WIA funds to sign up for college.
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Meet Troy
Laid-off plant worker uses WIA assistance to become a Radiology Technician and find a job at a local hospital.
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Meet Shane
Laid-off manufacturing worker utilizes WIA funds to enroll in a paid training program and earn his Commercial Drivers License.
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Meet Kevin
Laid-off construction worker leverages WIA program to attain Associates Degree in Renewable Fuels Program and goes to work for local plant a Program Operator.
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Meet Juana
Young single mom enters Youth WIA program and become a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA).
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Meet Gary
Dislocated worker benefits from an On-The-Job Training (OTJ) program and gets paid and trained to work in quality assurance.
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Meet Jolene
Displaced worker leverage WIA funds to become a Registered Nurse.
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Meet Amber
Single mom gets support form WIA program to earn her Bachelor's Degree in Education and become a teacher.
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Meet Bill
One-Stop Employment Solutions Office helps laid-off worker gain the training to open his own appliance repair business.
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Meet John
Dislocated worker gains the training he needs to get a job as a truck driver.
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Meet Charlie
Dislocated worker finds support at Greater Omaha One-Stop.
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Meet Mike
Dislocated worker utilized WIA funds to get the training he needs to become a professional truck driver.
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Meet Randy
Laid-off worker uses WIA funding to complete GED and earn Associates Degree in Major Appliance Professional Technology.
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Meet Florence
Youth from Sierra Leone benefits from WIA SummerWorks program and is able to attend community college in the hopes of one day becoming a U.S. Citizen and attending Medical School.
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Meet Jane
Relocated Nurses Assistant uses WIA funds to attain local state certification and becomes a Home Health Aide, no longer needing public assistance.
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Meet Cherri
Dislocated worker gets support from WIA funding to pursue Teaching Certificate.
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