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Meet Damian
With help from the WIA youth program, a young man overcomes his past as an abused, neglected child, earning credits towards a GED and maintaining employment.
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Meet Kentrella
A high school student with no work experience begins career preparation through ARRA and WIA-funded youth programs.
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Orleans Shoring
Local construction company gets help from Jefferson Business Solutions Center to recruit and hire staff for open jobs.
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Meet Kalli
Funding from LWIA helps Kalli transition to a new job in an industry where she can earn more money.
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Malcolm Kenner Apartments
Employer uses services from Jefferson Business & Career Solutions to recruit and hire new staff.
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Bell Foods
Louisiana-owned distributor/processor receives assistance in recruiting and hiring new staff.
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Best Western Landmark Hotel
Local hotel receives assistance in recruiting and hiring new staff.
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Employer in oil and gas industry uses Jefferson Business Services to recruit and hire employees.
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Dial A Maid
Local business fills job vacancies via recruitment and pre-screening services from Jefferson Career Center
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RoyOMartin Plywood
Challenges with retention and training costs are alleviated when the local WIB helps an employer provide on-the-job training.
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MTI, A Joint Venture
Business seeks assistance from Jefferson Solutions Center to identify and hire candidates for its job openings.
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Meet Brittany
WIA Youth funding helps an aspiring nurse attend college.
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Meet Mekail
A homeless young woman receives life-altering care and support from the Calcasieu workforce center and now has hope for a better future through Job Corps.
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Meet LaJuan
Re-Employment Services and a job referral from the Jefferson Parish Workforce office help LaJuan find work he enjoys.
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Meet Keointha
Summer work experience helps Keonitha support her daughter and furthers her determination to finish college and begin a career.
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Meet Amanda
An unemployed mother with a degree in child and family studies visits her local one-stop office and steps right into an open job as a WIA Counselor.
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Meet Daniel
On-The-Job Training funds help Daniel upgrade his skills and obtain a promotion at work.
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