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Sonoma County Job Link

A Letter from Robert

Workforce Challenge

As someone in my late fifties, I found myself out of a job with no computer or internet access or way to print. I also had no family support or encouragement. And the job market in Sonoma County and the greater Bay Area was very competitive with many [people] looking for work. I had just moved back to California from the Midwest and had lost touch with any contacts here that could help me. I was feeling all alone with no advice, help or resources to find a job. I knew there were some openings in my field of work, but I had no way to find them and email a resume. I also really needed some moral support for the daunting and often discouraging task of finding work, [as well as] short term employment for income while I looked for a full time job in my field.

Workforce Solution

Sonoma County Job Link provided me with a variety of solutions. I used the CalJobs job listings to find some temporary employment. The Monday networking group gave me moral support and [an opportunity to] practice talking about my job skills in a non-threatening environment. The computer lab gave me access to the Internet for job search, writing resumes and cover letters, emailing resumes and job applications, printing job related materials, and practicing skills on internet tutorial sites. The employment counselors provided me with assistance in ideas for job search locations, current trends in local employment, ways to market my skills and other ideas. I also used the business phone, fax, and copying equipment available to job seekers.

Outcomes & Benefits

I personally received excellent, professional, and caring assistance from the counselors and advisors for many aspects of my job search. In the networking group, I gained valuable job leads and moral support for the stressful task of finding employment. This support helped me to continue searching and not give up. I was able to write useful cover letters and resumes and obtain interviews for jobs. I was able to practice my skills as a speaker and trainer, which is my work field. I found a full time job as a result of using the services at Sonoma County Job Link. When that position ended in October 2010, I returned to Job Link and again had similar challenges. I have been using the same resources the past four months and have found a contract job. I feel my time unemployed was shorter this time as a result of using Job Link and being more aware of how to job search. An important outcome for me of using Job Link is self-esteem. Job searching alone is very hard and discouraging. I often felt badly about myself and being out of work. Being at Job Link helped me to hear other people in my position and be encouraged. That was important for me not only in finding work but also in my life in general.

Robert Welch
Santa Rosa, CA

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