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Meet Lia

Workforce Challenge

Lia worked for a production plant and was one of 250 people laid off when the business closed. She was a Cambodian refugee who had been in the United States for 4 years. She was at a low-level English proficiency, even though she had worked very hard at learning the language. She was working in production, a low-skilled position, but well-paying in consideration of her limited English skills.

Workforce Solution

Goodwill Workforce Solutions helped Lia enroll in full-time in ESL language classes. Within 4 months, she had improved her English skills enough to pass an English/Math test and was accepted into a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Certification program with a local Adult Education facility. Workforce Solutions paid for her tuition and uniforms for under $400.00. During all of this, Lia worked very hard on studying and passed her test to become an American Citizen.

Outcomes & Benefits

Lia is now a certified PCA and is working full-time for a nursing home. She loves her job and feels that she is doing something meaningful. Lia’s next step is enrolling in a Certified Nursing Assistant program, which her employer has agreed to sponsor.

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