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Arkansas Workforce Center - Rogers

Meet Zach

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Workforce Challenge

Zach is a 17 year old low-income youth. When Zach entered the WIA youth program, he was extremely shy and hardly made eye contact with anybody. He really didn’t want to express his opinion nor did he want to put himself in a leadership position. He truly needed to gain self confidence in order to prepare himself for his future in the workforce.

Workforce Solution

Zach was first placed at a worksite where he could learn how to work in a team to accomplish tasks on a daily basis. This developed his communication skills. Zach did such a great job that he was transferred into the Year Round Youth Program to continue developing his work readiness skills. Zach was provided an opportunity to work for Haines Chiropractic in Bentonville, AR. Dr. Haines evaluated Zach’s abilities by assigning him different tasks and then assessing the finished products. He found that Zach was very capable; he just needed to be encouraged to have confidence in himself. Dr. Haines has been working with Zach on his confidence level and now Zach interacts with the clients at the office in a very professional manner.

Outcomes & Benefits

Prior to Zach’s enrollment, he had no career goals. Now, after working with Dr. Haines, Zach is interested in the medical field. He has started the process of completing scholarship applications and applying to different colleges in the area.

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