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Greenville County Workforce Development

Meet Nefertiti

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Workforce Challenge

Nefertiti was 29 years old and was a single parent of two small children. She was unemployed and did not have a high school diploma. With this status, it was impossible for her to find self sufficent employment that would support herself and her children. Nefertiti relied on her grandmother and on public service for her needs.

Workforce Solution

Nefertiti registered in the WIA/Adult Services and entered into the GED attainment program with a 9th grade level of education. While in school she continued working part time and parenting her children. Besides the apparent challenges of being a parent, working, and going to school, she was never able to pass her exams on her first attempt. However, she persevered. Her case managers continued their support reminding her, "Nefertiti, you can do it." At times, she would repeat these words in her mind.

Outcomes & Benefits

Nefertiti did obtain her GED, and went on to obtain a Certificate as a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) through Greenville Technical College. Within two days of her internship she was offered a full time position as a CMA with Greenville Hospital System, Riverside Family Practice and later was promoted within. She now has gainful employment with benefits for herself and her children. Nefertiti overcame her challenges through exceptional attitude and perseverance. Congratulations, Nefertiti!

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