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Aurora Flight Sciences Corp.

Workforce Challenge

It is my great pleasure to let you know that Aurora Flight Sciences Corporation has experienced tremendous success with the On the Job Training (OJT) Program. Last year we had a hiring campaign that resulted in placement of numerous new hires. All needed specialized training on our equipment and processes. Because of the OJT program, we were able to enhance their existing skills and add new skills required to perform the job. We have seen and continue to see great benefit of the OJT program, for both the company and the employee who needed training.

Workforce Solution

Three new hires that were trained using OJT Funds include:

Tim – Showed an eagerness to learn several production processes and techniques such as composite lay-up, ply cutter, autoclave, and launcher tube production, as well as wire harness assembly. Because of Tim’s enhanced and new skills he was used at another Aurora location to support wire harness fabrication.

Tina – Was trained to operate the autoclave and ply cutter and acquired the skills to produce various rate production products. Tina consistently produces work that meets or exceeds the aerospace quality standards.

Korey – Was trained to produce launcher tubes, assemble material knotting, and operate the autoclave; was quickly up to speed and able to train new hires. Korey also acquired composite production port trimming skills.

Outcomes & Benefits

Because of the OJT program, these employees and others are integrated into our high-tech workforce that is best-in-class in aerospace manufacturing. They have helped Aurora MS sustain excellent quality and on-time deliveries, which has resulted in several new hardware programs at our facility. As we expand our work base, programs like OJT will help to build a high-tech, competitive workforce in the Golden Triangle. This excellent workforce is the basis for high-tech job growth and sustained employment.

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