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Meet Stephen

Workforce Challenge

Stephen was a business analyst for the software division of a global manufacturing company. Although the company was located in New Jersey, he was stationed in CT. He was there more than 5 years and enjoyed the work, but was laid off in the economic downturn. Stephen spent the next year and a half looking for similar work. As a single parent, he did not want to uproot his family and move to an area where more jobs in his field were available. He went through unemployment and then his 401K during this period.

Workforce Solution

Stephen enrolled at CTWorks and began working with a CTWorks Career Center job developer to create an employment plan. He took some courses to keep his skills current. His job developer explored as many companies as possible, but there were more applicants with his skills than jobs available.

Outcomes & Benefits

Finally, after 18 months, with support from CTWorks, Stephen was hired in his field and is now working for a company that he likes. The salary is less than he was making before, so it will be difficult to recoup all that it cost him to be unemployed, but he is very happy that he is working. He knows it will take a while to get back to his old salary range, but is willing to do what it takes.

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