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Meet Rose

Workforce Challenge

The Huron Local Office has known Rose off and on since 2001. Having spent years struggling to find and keep jobs, her history included a drug felony that made it impossible for her to qualify for subsidized housing. Her two small children relied on her completely as she almost never received child support payments. With no car and no driver’s license, her mobility was restricted. Adding to the stress, she attempted to help out a relative in potentially violent circumstances.

Workforce Solution

The café where she worked was being sold to a new owner and Rose did not expect to be kept on staff. She hoped at least to earn a bonus promised by the current owner for all employees who remained working until the sale date. Her fears were realized in May. Now unemployed, Rose focused on her job search (required by SNAP) and on preparing to take the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) tests. She completed a Job Search Assistance Program workshop and improved her ability to stick to a schedule at the learning center.

Discussions and assessment results revealed a strong interest in types of work often considered non-traditional for women, such as electrical work, carpentry and welding. She joined a new welding course in Huron.

Outcomes & Benefits

Rose did very well in the welding class and had great attendance. Best of all, before she even completed the course, Trussbilt, a local manufacturer hiring entry-level metal fabricators, hired her as a welder, full-time at $10/hour. After probation she will qualify for benefits. Money is still very tight and working full-time makes it hard to complete her last NCRC test. Her change was a long time coming, but now Rose has a marketable skill, one she can develop to improve her future.

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