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Middle Georgia Consortium, Inc.

Meet Jasmine

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Workforce Challenge

As a product of a small rural community, Jasmine had not been successful in her job searches. She was a single parent, enrolled in Gordon College. She needed a job to provide income to take care of her needs as well as those of her child. Jasmine was concerned with survival and earning a Nursing degree to ensure she and her child a better quality of life. After attending a recruitment session, she submitted a WIA application and was determined to be eligible for participation in WIA.

Workforce Solution

Through the Middle Georgia Consortium's WIA Program, Jasmine was placed at the Crawford County Board of Education as a Technical Assistant. After the work which she was hired to do as a Technical Assistant came to an end, Jasmine was transferred to the Crawford Publishing Company in Roberta, Georgia. Her personality, skill level and tenacity has served her well at the Crawford Publishing Company. Her supervisors liken her to a "breath of fresh air". Jasmine noted, "Without my support system which I received through WIA, I would have had to abandon my dreams and put my life on hold".

Outcomes & Benefits

Jasmine maintains a 2.9 GPA while attending Gordon College. She continues to earn money which she needs to support herself and her child. Through working at Crawford Publishing she has many opportunities to experience a different way of life; a chance to meet people from all walks of life, but most importantly she will build her repertoire for future growth and development. When you call her work number, she proudly says: "The Georgia Post, this is Jasmine speaking, how may I help you?" Congratulations, Jasmine!

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