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Heart of Georgia Workforce Investment Area

Meet Javaus

Workforce Challenge

In 2008, due to the economy, both of Javarus' parents were facing a decline in their income. Their house was in foreclosure and Javarus was having trouble buying school supplies, school clothes and even school lunches. He couldn't afford to purchase a ticket to take the SAT.

Workforce Solution

When he entered the Workforce Investment Act program, he began to receive services that provided him with income from Work Experience. He also received classroom training in work-related skills, life skills, mentoring and help staying on track with his school work.

Outcomes & Benefits

Javarus is now able to help his parents financially. He helps pay utility bills, has his ticket to take the SAT and is now preparing for college admissions. Javarus stated in a letter written to his case manager, "I became elated and so very thankful, that such a program has made an extremely postive impact on my life, education, and even well being".

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