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Meet Sharon

Workforce Challenge

Sharon works full time for a large university as a financial aid officer and her work environment is open has many distractions. At the first meeting with a Maricopa Workforce Center (MWC) Career Guidance Specialist, she disclosed a disability of ADHD and said that she was recently placed on probation with her employer. She was at risk of losing her job due to poor performance. She came to MWC pro-actively to research a new career where she would be successful in using her skills and accommodating her disability. As she explored options with her career specialist, Sharon stated she enjoyed her job and that she found it frustrating to work in an environment that made concentrating difficult. Sharon also shared a history of short-term employment which created a chain of challenges in the workplace due to her ADHD.

Workforce Solution

Her career specialist referred Sharon to the AZ Dept. of Employment Services Disability Navigator and provided suggestions for increasing workplace productivity through the use of assistive technology devices. Several experimental loaner devices were provided by Arizona Technology Assistance Program (AzTAP). A loaner b-Calm device (which produces noise masking signals) has minimized Sharon's workplace mistakes and increased her productivity. WIA funds are being used to purchase a b-Calm device since Sharon is unable to do so.

Outcomes & Benefits

Sharon faced termination from her job; however, through collaboration/quick intervention between MWC agencies, and with the aid of assistive technology, was able to improve her workplace productivity without the need to disclose her disability. She was unaware of such a device prior to her visit to MWC and believes this will enable her to continue being a successful worker until she chooses to retire. Her performance is much improved, and she recently completed a short-term training program that led to a small promotion and pay increase.

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