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Winnsboro Workforce Center

Lexington County 911 Communications Center

Workforce Challenge

Nikki Rodgers, director of the Lexington County 911 Communications Center, was having trouble keeping 911 dispatchers on staff. The center was experiencing high turnover due to several different factors, mostly involving skills deficiency.

Workforce Solution

The Midlands Workforce Center consulted with Nikki on the issues she was facing, and helped her determine a way to prevent employee turnover by ensuring that the candidates selected possessed sufficient basic skills to learn the job. Working together, Nikki and the MWC conducted a WorkKeys Profile to determine what skills a qualified candidate would need to possess to be trainable. Nikki then took these results and began administering WorkKeys Assessments as a required component of the selection process for 911 operators. The Assessment results are matched against the Profile requirements so that only top applicants are considered for employment.

Outcomes & Benefits

One year after implementing this new process Nikki has not lost a single candidate to a skills deficiency issue. She has also indicated that this system has saved the taxpayers of Lexington County a great deal of money that would have been spent attempting to train candidates who would not be able to master the necessary information. The time savings allowed by the reduction in turnover and training time has allowed the County to run a more efficient center and improve the service to citizens.

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