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Linn, benton, Lincoln Workforce Investment Board

Meet Bryer

Workforce Challenge

Bryer came to Community Services Consortium (CSC, a workforce program service provider) for alternative education services. After dropping out of high school he knew he needed help to get his GED. After Bryer earned his GED he embarked on a long and arduous process of looking for work. After 6 months of searching and with no luck finding a job, he knew he needed to try something different.

Workforce Solution

Bryer returned to CSC for help with a new plan and was pleased to learn about a weatherization training class and summer youth employment program for older youth. After touring the Weatherization Training Center where the classes would be held, Bryer was even more interested to learn how to use the tools he saw there.

During the eight-week training class Bryer learned about energy conservation through building science, and how to completely weatherize homes. He learned that all the hard work of weatherizing homes pays off in many ways: for people in the community, the environment, and especially for him.

Outcomes & Benefits

Bryer really enjoyed the field work and the sense of helping others. The things he learned in this program gave him both the skills and confidence he needed to be able to complete weatherization work on real people’s homes. Through the weatherization program, he learned to be a better team player and how to work with others to accomplish goals. Bryer was so successful that after completing the training he was offered a position working as an Instructional Assistant for the Weatherization Training Program. Bryer says that the most important thing that he got out of the training is a career path. He knows he wants to weatherize homes and to teach as many people as he can bout weatherizing their homes to lower their energy bills and help cut down on the overall energy use in America.

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