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Merced County Dept of Workforce Investment

Meet Erica

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Workforce Challenge

The year was 2008 and the unemployment rate was growing in Merced County, California. Erica, an office assistant, was married and responsible for three children. When she got laid off, her husband took additional hours (evenings and weekends) at work; Erica knew that she had to find a position soon. Frustrated and stressed with the never ending application and job hunting process, Erica contacted Merced Worknet for support.

Workforce Solution

Erica's career coach recommended an accounting class, as that closely matched her SAGE (a standardized evaluation) test scores. Erica knew from previous exposure with H&R Block that she would enjoy the challenge. Erica was enrolled in the Regional Occupational Program Accounting class; Worknet supported her tuition fees. Erica tapped Worknet for help with refining her resume, job applications, mock interviews, and the creation of a portfolio of achievements and certificates to accompany her resume.

Outcomes & Benefits

Upon completing school, Erica signed up with a temporary agency who found her a job at the Foster Farms Fertilizer plant in Livingston as a part-time office assistant. Within two weeks, she moved into full-time status through the temporary agency. One year to the day, Erica was hired permanently with Foster Farms as an office assistant receiving full benefits.

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