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Meet Cesica

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Workforce Challenge

Cesica (pronounced Kessica) Xelhua moved to Texas in search of a warmer climate. Multiple surgeries to fix a broken shoulder injured and then re-injured in successive auto accidents left her practically paralyzed during the long, cold winters in Madison, Wisconsin. She couldn’t work. Her doctor advised her to “give up” and let the government take care of her. “That just wasn’t an option for me,” she explained. Cesica wanted to work with people with health challenges like herself, but she needed to find a way to do it without taxing her injury.

Workforce Solution

With help from one of Workforce Solutions' employment services programs Cesica began working on her Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) certificate. Unfortunately, in her first semester, Cesica failed a required course by less than a tenth of a percent. The LVN program requires completion of all courses in the same semester, so she was forced to discontinue the training. She was devastated. "I knew I could try again for the LVN, but if I failed again, I would have to wait five years," she explains. "I needed a job-I had kids to feed."

Outcomes & Benefits

Cesica went to her Workforce Solutions program specialist to discuss her options. She began attending workshops, particularly Job Club, Advanced Resume Writing, and Interviewing. The resume help was especially timely, as within months, Workforce Solutions found her a job opening at a local dialysis clinic. The employer was so impressed with Cesica's experience and dedication that they hired her on the spot and created a new trainee position just for her.

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