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Workforce Challenge

As a teenager, Meoshe became pregnant and was told she would never be anything but another statistic, living off welfare. However, she refused to settle for this fate. She would sneak out at night to work at a nearby nursing home, where she decided to pursue nursing. However, while in school for nursing, she became pregnant again, this time with twins, and she had to discontinue her education for health reasons.

Workforce Solution

When Meoshe was back on her feet again she came to Workforce Solutions seeking help to continue with her education. Workforce Solutions helped her with tuition, books, transportation, and child care, and Meoshe made the most of the opportunity. She jumped right back into class determined to prepare for a career that would support her growing family.

Outcomes & Benefits

Meoshe's story is one of determination and pride. She refused to give up on her dreams, even when life got hard. She's the first person in her family to enroll in college. She has begun taking classes for her Master's degree while working at a nearby hospital as a nurse.

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