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Oklahoma Department of Commerce

Metzeler Automotive Profiling Systems

Workforce Challenge

To support a business expansion in rural southwest Oklahoma, Metzeler Automotive Profiling Systems needed to grow its maintenance workforce. Metzeler produces extruded rubber seals for the world’s auto industry. The company has 30 plants worldwide, including one in Frederick, Oklahoma. They needed to identify applicants with the right skill levels since the positions they would be hiring for required a costly, 10-month training program. Metzeler needed a cost-effective and reliable skills assessment mechanism.

Workforce Solution

Metzeler worked with the Southwest WIB and signed up for the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) program, which helped with incoming employee selection completely based on what the company needed.

In 2006, the Governor’s Council for Workforce and Economic Development (GCWED) launched Oklahoma’s CRC program, a job skills assessment system that measures real-world, on-the-job skills that employers nationwide view as critical to successful performance.

To date, Oklahoma has 150 assessment sites across the state and has awarded 48,000 CRCs, making it one of the leading states in the nation using this program to up-skill its workforce and tie education and training directly to the skills valued by employers.

Outcomes & Benefits

By hiring the right employee for the right job, Metzeler reduced turnover and unnecessary training. The CRC allowed Metzeler to take the guesswork out of the hiring process and provided them with a more reliable platform for hiring new employees. “The Career Readiness Certificate is the one thing in the employee selection process that allows us to compare apples to apples,” says Jeanna Berry, Metzeler Human Resources Director. “It creates a bottom line that is easy for us to understand.”

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