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Meet Jason

Workforce Challenge

Jason Walker, a father to two young sons, was enjoying a great job at a national retail chain when his job suddenly came to an end. He found another job at a dental lab with good hours and pay, until economic circumstances caused a decrease in his hours from forty to less than twenty per week. As a single father, he needed more income, and he realized that a better education was the only way to achieve this goal. Then a friend told him about the WIA program.

Workforce Solution

Jason enrolled at Virginia College in January, 2009, going to school at night and working days while his children were attending daycare, where a majority of his income was going. Six months into this routine, Jason applied for the WIA grant program and was granted the full amount. This allowed him to switch from attending night classes to day classes, and for only two days per week. He was able to work part time on weekends and have more time with his children.

Outcomes & Benefits

In less than sixteen months, Jason completed his program and was able to increase his income from approximately $14,000 to $25,000 per year, working at a local hospital. He attributes this change in circumstance to applying himself toward his education and to the help that he received from the WIA program.

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