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Wallowa County Health Care District

Workforce Challenge

Wallowa County Health Care District currently employs 190 individuals, and has been on a growth path since 2002 to meet the expanding demand for services in its community. As often happens in rural areas, supervisors come up through the ranks; Wallowa County Health Care District was no exception. Although new supervisors stepped into their roles with enthusiasm and professional drive, the differences between staff and supervisory roles were overwhelming. The need for training became evident as turnover rates increased, morale decreased, poor hiring decisions were made, communications broke down and performance evaluations were overdue. Although the clear solution was to begin a training program for all supervisory staff, training dollars were scarce. The District turned to local workforce providers and the Oregon Workforce Alliance for help.

Workforce Solution

The District turned to local workforce providers and the Oregon Workforce Alliance for help. Supervisor training began in January of 2009. In July 2009 the training shifted focus to team-building, committees and leadership. In February 2010 the next phase of training focused on communication skills.

Outcomes & Benefits

The District reported a quick improvement in attitude, fortitude and expectations when the supervisors recognized that the company was willing to invest in their future growth and establishment within the company as leaders. With confidence the supervisors began to implement work improvement plans, mentoring the staff and when the need arose they moved into disciplinary action in a more positive manner and without fear. Morale improved and turnover decreased. The final phase of training resulted in supervisors and staff communicating in a more positive and encouraging manner.

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