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Rural Consortium-Upper Arkansas

Meet Andria

Workforce Challenge

The bad luck whirlpool just kept pulling Andria down. The father of her two young sons was killed in a tragic motorcycle accident. Andria took it hard, very hard. She turned to drugs to help her cope with the pain which, in turn, helped increase the swirl of misery pulling her down. Living in her car for two months, Andria had an epiphany that made her realize that she had finally hit bottom. She felt extremely overwhelmed with grief, paralyzed with fear and incredibly alone. Andria knew she needed to make a huge change in her life or choose to die and leave her two young children alone in the world for someone else to take care of.
After struggling for two long years, Andria chose to make a bold step by moving from her Kansas home to Cañon City to start over. She relied on help from her grandparents while she looked for a job.

Workforce Solution

The team at the Cañon City Workforce Center helped Andria by creating a resume and sending her out on job referrals.

Outcomes & Benefits

Andria finally landed a good-paying position as a dental assistant. Not only did her new employer hire her, they agreed to help Andria pay for additional training. Still a single parent, Andria will now be self-sufficient and be able to care for her now three- and five-year-old sons. Andria stated, “The world needs more people like workforce center team members John, Jolene, and Jerome.”

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