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Adams County WBC/WIOA Youth Succeed

Meet Esperanza

Workforce Challenge

Esperanza enrolled in the program to get help with high school graduation needs. During enrollment she chose to change her educational path and chose to go for her high school equivalency diploma (HSE). In addition to working towards her HSE, Esperanza held several jobs to support self. She also participated in a pre-apprenticeship program for medical assistant. During her participation, Esperanza decided on her career pathway goal to become a CNA. She needed funding assistance to complete this goal.

Workforce Solution

Esperanza started in the WIOA Youth Succeed program through an alternative high school program Gateway to College and attended several semesters to complete diploma credit needs, but she realized this was not the program for her. A case manager reviewed alternatives with Esperanza and she decided to attend GED prep classes through our workforce center classes. Esperanza had experienced many obstacles and case manager continued to motivate and provided supportive services to keep engaged with gas cards, testing fees, and incentives and pre-apprenticeship training costs. Esperanza was co-enrolled in the WIOA adult program to get help with her CNA and phlebotomy training to result in employment.

Outcomes & Benefits

Esperanza successfully completed her HSE in August 2017 and completed pre-apprenticeship training on July 2017 where she received BLS and HIPAA certifications that are industry and employer recognized. In addition, Esperanza is currently co-enrolled in adult WIOA and recently completed her CNA training that was funded by the adult program in December 2017. She is waiting to complete her state boards and enroll in phlebotomy training that will be funded by adult program to enhance her skills for employment. Congrats, Esperanza!

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