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Meet Monique

Workforce Challenge

Monique was enrolled as an out of school youth who was interested in obtaining her Dental Assisting Certification. She was a single parent to a two-year-old daughter. Living on her own, Monique was working full time. Since working this job, she became interested in becoming a dental assistant. Monique hadn't followed through with WIOA program earlier because, as she said, she was young and immature. Monique now wanted to follow through and be successful this time.

Workforce Solution

Monique sought financial assistance from WIOA to pay tuition for Dental Assisting training. WIOA was able to pay her tutiton. A case manager provided support and encouragement for Monique throughout her training. Monique had a hard time learning to work with x-rays, but her case manager encouraged her to ask questions and not be afraid to ask for help. We discussed that once she completed her certificate, it might help her advance in her current position.

Outcomes & Benefits

Monique completed her Dental Assisting Certificate in November 2017. Effective December 2017, Monique was promoted at her job and begin working as a Dental Assistant. Monique stated that she would have never been successful if she hadn't been given a second chance.

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