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Meet Dane

Workforce Challenge

Dane was working as EMT. He decided to move up to the next level on his career, but there was no financial aid offered for this type of training at any of the schools that provided this training. Dane was living in the mountains and needed to relocate to Denver to start school, so he had to quit his job; therefore, he was in desperate need of assistance.
Dane came into our office requesting assistance with tuition for Paramedic training.

Workforce Solution

Dane received tuition assistance and continuous support from a case manager. He was very grateful for assistance. These were his words, “Thank you very much! I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for this funding. Thank you for your help in getting the process through. I am very excited to start school and working with you.” the case manager encouraged Dane to seek an EMT position with an employer where he could have the potential for a promotion to paramedic upon completion of training. A couple months after school started, Dane secured employment as EMT with a major hospital.

Outcomes & Benefits

Dane successfully completed his training and soon after he got promoted to paramedic. He increased his hourly wage by nearly 74 percent.
Dane’s case exemplifies the impact WIOA could have in helping underemployed individuals advance in their careers and earn sustainable wages.

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