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Meet Dana

Workforce Challenge

Dana lost his job of 13 years where he had worked his way up to a manager position. After finding himself unemployed, Dana realized he didn’t qualify for similar management positions due to lack of education since he only had a GED. Despite his willingness to take low paying jobs, he wasn’t getting anywhere. He didn’t meet the education requirements for his level of dislocation, and he was being deemed over qualified for other jobs. Dana came into our office requesting assistance with tuition for IT training.

Workforce Solution

Dana came across a school that offered IT training, and he was told he was a perfect candidate for this field.

A case manager met Dana and reviewed his request and assessed his former education and work history. The case manager presented IT job market to customer and was able to show him this type of training wasn’t going to result in employment for him as he lacked the experience and education requirements for the field, and the short term training wasn’t going to suffice. The case manager provided career guidance and helped Dana land a more suitable career choice.
Dana decided to pursue truck driving training as this is an occupation where he could make sustainable wages, and it’s a field where he would be able to work up until retirement.

Outcomes & Benefits

Dana was very happy with his career choice, and he received WIOA funding for this training. Dana successfully completed his training and soon after secured employment in his training field. He is happily working, and very grateful for the assistance received.
Dana’s case demonstrates the impact WIOA can have in helping dislocated workers to go back into the workforce and improve their wage potential.

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