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Adams County Workforce & Business Center

Meet Jefrrey

Workforce Challenge

Jeffrey came into the workforce center seeking full time employment options and was in dire need. He was on probation and had no means of transportation due to not having a valid drivers license. He needed job search assistance and resume creation. He also had lost hope because he felt his age was a big barrier since he was 55+. His computer skills were outdated, and he had never really learned how to maneuver a computer. He was living with his parents and overall was lacking self confidence.

Workforce Solution

After assessing where he was in life, we prioritized his needs to address the most concerning issues for him and work towards stabilizing his situation and provide him with a sense of hope. His highest need and most pressing issue was job search assistance and the tools to obtain employment. We were able to create a resume for him that truly represented his experience, skills, and education. We referred him to many jobs and assisted him with vocation guidance in order to broad his job search and increase likelihood of finding a job that was open to challenging backgrounds.

Outcomes & Benefits

After various failed attempts of obtaining employment, we were able to find Jeffrey a job as maintenance staff at a restaurant that was walking distance to his home. He gained confidence, a resume, job searching experience and gratifying employment. He has still a journey ahead of him, but we were able to assist him with the development of a feasible plan with achievable goals. He is working on completing his probation and seeking to find his own place.

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