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Meet Ms. M

Workforce Challenge

Ms. M lost her job in August 2010 when the child care agency where she worked closed. She was 64 years old with 20 years experience teaching young children. After several months of job hunting on her own, attending job fairs, searching for leads on the Internet, and sending her resumes out with no luck, she found The Work Place. She told her counselor: “I love what I do and I’m very good at it; I have no plans to retire and I’m very enthusiastic about teaching… but no one is hiring me.”

Workforce Solution

Ms. M attended an orientation to The Work Place’s services but was already so discouraged that “I did not have high expectations.” Following the orientation she met with a counselor who suggested some changes to her resume. "He understood my passion and my intentions immediately,” she said.

Then he did the unexpected. “He asked me if I liked any particular place I’d applied to and I told him about one but that they had not responded to me.” The counselor then picked up the phone and called the director. He described Ms. M’s experience and skills to the director, "so positively that she asked for my resume and a cover letter!” said Ms. M.

Outcomes & Benefits

Ms. M was called in for several interviews and was hired in the field and occupation which she loves so deeply. Passionate and dedicated to her profession herself, she speaks with deep gratitude for the passion and dedication of the career center staff.

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